State of the Art Veterinary Hospital

Although Greenfield Animal Hospital is housed in a beautiful old fashioned style building, our surgical suite is anything but old-fashioned. All our equipment is new and state of the art. Full surgical monitoring of all anesthetized patients include oxygenation levels, EKG, heart rate, blood pressure and Co2; just like in a human hospital there is a dedicated trained technician monitoring these values while the doctor performs surgery.

Balanced and safe anesthesia and pain management are built into all our surgical protocols.

All animals are observed and kept warm and comfortable until they are fully awake. Our staff prides itself on the ability to keep every patient warm, comfortable and pain-free during recovery from surgery.

Both Dr. Sackler and Dr. Marsh are experienced veterinary surgeons with years of experience in the OR. Both are capable of handling (almost!) any emergency procedure and are experienced in many procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament disease, enterotomy, cystotomy, and several advanced orthopedic procedures not readily treated elsewhere.

Our veterinary surgical suite is built so as to be isolated from the rest of the hospital where trained staff clean and disinfect it daily.