At Greenfield Animal Hospital we believe having state of the art ultrasound capabilities for abdominal and thoracic imaging is critical to providing the best possible care to our patients. Our ultrasound allows us to rapidly diagnose and treat a myriad of conditions that would otherwise go undetected. We also use ultrasound for guided aspirates in order to safely collect sterile urine, sample tumors in the body, and to remove fluid during emergency procedures. This safe technique uses sound waves to evaluate the organs inside the body and we have comfy troughs for your pet to lay in while the imaging is being done.

Ultrasound is typically performed when the pet is fasted and allows us to diagnose conditions ranging from heart and lung problems, to intestinal obstruction, cancers of the liver and spleen, and so much more. We can rapidly diagnose bladder stones, kidney problems, pancreatic inflammation, and life threatening bleeding problems. We can even diagnose pregnancy and assess the viability of the fetuses.

Ultrasound is integral to providing you fast and effective care when your pet needs it. We are proud to be trained with this advanced imaging technique and offer it at an affordable cost. We also know when your pet should see a board certified internal medicine or radiology specialist. We will work with you to determine when this is needed and direct you where to go.