Cat Boarding

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Greenfield Cat Hotel and Spa

We recognize that your feline family members require a safe and loving place to stay when you have to leave town. We offer a comfortable, private accommodation with an appetizing outside view for cats right here on the premises.

Our cat hotel is a specially designed room, separate from the rest of the hospital, and only for cats (sorry we do not board dogs, but we would be happy to recommend local options if needed).

Each private cat cage has a delectable outside view, a soft bed, litter box and fresh water. We encourage you to bring their favorite blanket, a cat pad, or some toys to give your cat familiar smells. Although meals are included during their stay, you can provide food, if you prefer not to change their diet. We provide a combination of a high-quality, tasty dry food and a tartar control dry blend, as well as a mixed variety of canned Fancy Feast a-la-mode.

At Greenfield Cat Hotel we dispense into the air Feliway Pheromone to give your cat a sense of security and well-being. The pheromone is all-natural and a healthy ingredient (similar to cat nip). If your cat likes to mingle with others, or wants to take a walk, time outside of the cage is permitted.

Our cat caretakers love their jobs and are trained to keep a keen eye on your cat’s eating habits, bathroom activities (or lack thereof), and overall health. Our vets are on 24/7 call for boarders and hospitalized patients, so you can rest assured that while you are away, your cat is in good hands.

The Cat Spa: Why not pamper your cat while they’re here?

While your furry friend is staying with us they can take advantage of our health, nutrition and beauty options which include nail trims, bathing and grooming. Specific medical procedures can also be scheduled during your pets stay. Overweight guests can be placed on the “catkins” diet during their stay to shed a few pounds.

A few notes for our cat guests:

Here at GAH, we all love cats and you can be assured yours will get loving attention and care throughout their stay. When you drop off your cat, you will be asked to fill out a boarding registration form or to save time, you can download it here and complete it before you arrive.

To maintain a safe environment for all our feline guests, we require proof of current vaccinations for rabies, FVRCP, and leukemia. A blood test every 3 years may be substituted for leukemia vaccination. When your cat arrives, it will be weighed, checked for fleas and ear mites, and treated if necessary before being introduced to the cat hotel.

We also ask that you label any items that arrive with your cat because we want to make sure your cat leaves with all of their possessions. But please note; we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.