Pet Health Insurance

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Having insurance for your cat or dog is very helpful when your pet becomes unexpectedly ill or injured and you are faced with large medical bills. There are many pet insurance carriers out there and each company offers different tiers of protection, exclusions, etc. and this makes choosing a plan as difficult as other types of insurance plans. On top of this each pet insurance provider revises and changes their plans often enough that yesterdays best choice may not apply today. Unfortunately we cannot give you one company that stands out far above the others.

Pet insurance companies offer plans ranging from all inclusive illness and preventative care to less expensive accident only plans. Insurance never pays 100% of your expenses and most cover only a small fraction of the routine expenses like well care visits and vaccinations. Certainly review all your options but you may want to choose an accident only plan and avoid haggling with submitting invoices where you only get an annoyingly small return.

When you do your research take into account limitations like coverage of pre-existing conditions or breed specific hereditary conditions. Also consider cost, deductibles, how they determine what they will pay, etc. Our clients that have pet insurance overall view it favorably and we recommend you consider having your pet covered. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that, if your pet gets ill or injured, you can agree to treatment and have some of your expenses covered.

My best advice is to research and choose a plan that is rated highly and fits your needs.