Helpful Links

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In today’s Google world, we know that everyone enjoys surfing the web for information and research. We’ve listed below some of our favorite pet information sites. But please note: making a diagnosis for your dog or cat based solely on veterinary medical information obtained on the web is no substitution for seeking medical advice from a veterinary doctor.


Our Most Recommended Site (for the best overall medical information):

Poison Control:

Chocolate toxicity calculator link available from:

Chocolate toxic level chart at:

Xylitol Toxicity:

Questions regarding animal health, diseases, therapies, medications, etc:

Itchy Pet:

Allergy Testing:


Adopt a homeless pet:  (links to Ct. Humane Society and Fairfield pound)

Breed information/find a breeder:

Behavioral Issues          

Cat behavioral issues:

Indoor cat initiative OSU (a great cat resource):

Inappropriate feline elimination or when your cat urinates outside the litter box:


Microchip pet locator for all brands:

Vaccination guidelines:

Compare pet health insurance plans:

Wildlife information:

Skunk remedy:

Warning regarding online pharmacies:   (double click on online pet pharmacies)