Vet House Calls


Veterinarian House Calls for your Dog or Cat

Sometimes your pet is in need of care, but for a variety of reasons, you can’t or prefer not to bring them to our office. GAH offers doctor house calls for those clients living within a reasonable distance from our office.  When an emergency arises, we also provide transportation to our hospital.

We typically schedule veterinarian house calls within a few days of a request. While there is an additional fee, this may be useful and worth the expense under such circumstances as:

  • End of life – pet euthanasia at home
  • Debilitated or convalescent animals
  • Multiple pets needing routine vaccinations, etc.
  • Pets who become highly stressed visiting an animal hospital
  • Pets who become aggressive in animal hospitals
  • Behavioral concerns that can be observed only at home

Note: We require adequate light and space to provide the proper care and attention your pet requires. There are also limitations to what can be provided at your home. For example, we cannot perform X Rays, ultrasound, surgeries, and microscopic exams. Certain tests must be conducted at our hospital. Finally, although we understand that sometimes pets mysteriously disappear when we arrive at your home, we’ll still have to charge the house call fee.

Contact our office for current prices and availability.