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Dental Care for Dogs & Cats

An important aspect to a healthy and long life

Like human dental care, healthy gums and teeth are important for your pets. Dental disease for a dog or cat can lead to chronic pain, blood-borne infections, or long-term damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, or liver.

For many pets, bad breath is also a problem; but it’s more than just an annoyance. Often that foul smell is a warning that there’s a problem developing. But many pet owners are reluctant to spend the money on dentistry or subject their pet to anesthesia to undergo the procedures.

Your pet’s teeth are just like your teeth, they require regular cleaning to keep the bone and gums healthy. Most of us hate the frequent trip to the dentist, but we put up with the hygienist scraping tartar and plaque from our teeth. Unfortunately, dogs and cats won’t put up with a Vet cleaning their teeth without sedation. Even when awake scaling is successful, it’s extremely rare to get the tartar that lies below the gum surface, and that’s where most of the gum recession and tooth loss occurs.

We believe that the same standard of care for human teeth and gums is as important for dogs and cats to avoid progressive dental disease. Early intervention avoids numerous complications as your pet ages. But we also recognize the need to make this as easy as possible for your pets, as well as keep the cost manageable.

Innovations in pet dental care have made cleanings easier on your pet and less costly too.

The traditional approach to pet dentistry was to wait until your pet had a serious tooth or gum situation. Once a pet had significant dental issues, procedures were more complex and costly. They required x-rays and heavy sedation involving major anesthesia, intravenous fluids and antibiotics.

We offer an innovative preventive approach by addressing dental issues before they become a major problem. We use a reversible anesthetic combination intravenously to sedate your pet, and then ultrasonically scale the affected tooth surfaces as well as under the gums (areas free of symptoms are left alone). We then polish the teeth and use a reverse anesthetic to allow rapid recovery. The whole process takes under 30 minutes.

The GAH team has extensive experience with this procedure and we utilize state of the art technology and equipment. On the day of the procedure we run basic blood work to be sure your pet can handle the anesthetic (most animals have no issues). Your pet is closely monitored during the entire dental cleaning. An intravenous catheter and endotracheal tube maximize the procedure’s safety. Additional anesthetic or fluids can easily be added if needed.

Call our office to schedule a free dental evaluation and we will make a recommendation for your pet.

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